Alan Iarussi

Alan Iarussi always delivers when it comes to beautiful chord progressions followed by an array of highly impressive fills. 

"Absolutely loving the Noatronic. It's so cool being able to control some effects from the tone knob." Alan Iarussi


Marco Fanton

Marco Fanton is a fantastic melodic player with a big following mainly in the digital amp modelling world.

"It is amazing." Marco Fanton


Stig Trip

Stig Trip is a local hero from Aarhus, Denmark.
Stig was nominated by Mark Tremonti, Joe Satriani og Paul Gilbert as a Guitarist of the Year 2018 finalist.

Fun fact: Stig has his Onboard Expression installed on the bottom knob of his strat rather than the middle.

"Noatronic Onboard Expression is perfect as a simple standalone controller for smaller gigs and sessions, and it easily fits in the back of my Kemper." Stig Trip