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Specs and frequently asked questions about the Noatronic Wireless Guitar System

Wireless range > 60 meters (200 feet)
Audible frequency range 10 Hz – 20 kHz
Dynamic range > 120 dB
Latency ~ 4 ms
Battery life (2 x AA alkaline) > 8 hours
Wireless technology RTX Sheerlink™
Wireless frequency band 2.4 GHz
Wireless frequency channel selection Adaptive (continuous)
No. of antennas in Receiver 2
No. of antennas in Transmitter 2
No. of pairable Transmitters pr. Receiver 6
Does it have drop-out issues like some other digital wireless systems?

No. Typically dropouts occur due to interference from different devices using the same channel within a frequency band. Some systems use fixed channels and others scan for the optimum channel during boot-up. But what if a wireless router is turned on during the gig, that just happens to use that same channel that was optimum during boot-up? Well, then that channel is no longer the optimum channel and the system is prone to suffer from dropouts. 
The Noatronic Wireless Guitar System uses the RTX Sheerlink™ technology with an intelligent and adaptive channel and antenna selection, that continuously finds and seamlessly switches to the optimum channel and antennas in order to eliminate interferance dropouts.

Is the Transmitter battery rechargeable?

The Transmitter uses 2 x AA batteries, that are safely stored behind the steel door with a lock on each side. You can use rechargeable AA batteries but must charge them using a separate charger.

What function does the installed Controller in the guitar have?

When you turn or push the Controller, the Receiver sends out MIDI messages based on how you have set it up. Here are some examples of use-cases:

Do I have to install and use the Controller?

No you don’t. You can definitly use it as an audio-only wireless guitar system and view the Controller as an option for later on.

Will a regular cable work with the Transmitter, or does it have to be the included TRS?

If you connect a regular (TS) cable it will just function like any wireless guitar system transmitting only the audio from the guitar with no control possibilities.

Is it compatible with active basses/guitars?

Typically active basses/guitars use a TRS (stereo) jack socket for turning ON the active electronics when inserting a TS (mono) jack cable into the guitar, as it then shorts a power line from the ring to the ground terminal of the TRS socket.
As the Noatronic Controller has to be connected to the ring terminal of a TRS socket, you would have to make a compromise. Either use a different approach to turning on the active electronics (e.g. a power switch or remove the battery) or don’t install the Noatronic Controller and just use it as a regular audio-only wireless system.

Can I have multiple Controllers in one guitar?

You can install one Controller in a guitar as the Transmitter is only capable of reading a single Controller at a time. You can install Controllers in multiple guitars and use them with the same Transmitter. Individual Controllers will be available for sale.

Can I have multiple Transmitters with one Receiver?

Yes. You can pair up to 6 Transmitters with the same Receiver. When you turn on a Transmitter it will automatically connect to a Receiver, assuming that they have previously been paired. Individual Transmitters will be available for sale.

Is it possible to send other MIDI data through the system?

No. The system is not a wireless MIDI link and the Receiver will only transmit MIDI data based on the Controller position and switch status on the guitar.

Whats the USB-C port for?

The USB-C port on both the Receiver and Transmitter is for firmware updates.

When is the release date?

Soon, but not before the product is mature enough and the production plan is solid with a realistic time buffer. Reserve your spot to get notified about the launch and to get early bird pricing.

I have a different question.

Simply write us an email at info@noatronic.com